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Saying “Goodbye” Hurts!

As the time fade away, we now realize that the end is near. No matter how hard we denied it, face it that we are going to our own path after this. It’s time to say goodbye :(

“You and I will meet again, When we’re least expecting it, One day in some far off place, I will recognize your face, I won’t say goodbye my friend, For you and I will meet again” - Tom Petty

Beijing Summer Palace

This report was made by me as a report for my academic trip to Beijing, China. I got tired of writing this report for a 1 hour tour session. So i decided to share with you all. Enjoy this nerd report!

We all went to Summer Palace on 5th October 2010, Tuesday. It is our second day in Beijing. We went there by bus, and our tour guide Mr.Anuar, said that Summer Palace is one of the most popular city in Beijing. It was estimated about 150,000 people visited Summer Palace that day.

A few kilometers before our arrival to that palace, we see a lot of travel buses parked along the road. Our bus drop us far from the entry gate as the traffic was getting worst. As every member get off the bus, we all gather with Mr.Anuar as he tell us a little bit about the history of Summer Palace, then we all march together to the entry gate. It takes us about 10 minutes to reach the entry gate from our drop off spot. After Mr.Anuar get us the tickets, we all go inside through the big gate.

 The first thing we were inside was people, thousand of them. They all are having the same tour session like us, but with different agency. After a brief introduction by our travel agent about the place based on a big map situated on a notice board, we all were given 40 minutes to explore the huge place ourselves. When we go deeper to the palace, we can see a huge lake situated in the center of the palace. There were also people, providing boat that can be rented for those who wish to explore the gigantic place by lake. Then, we saw a long bridge that connects the place to an island in the middle of the lake. The white bridge was called The Seventeen-Arch Bridge. There were a lot of people taking photograph include us.

At the island in the middle of the lake, we saw many Chinese ancient building. The one which looks similar with the one we see on television. Not all are them were open to the public. Some of them are completely seal, and we can only take the outside photo of it. There was also some of it that we can enter. Ancient house was quite big and use a lot of wood. The door and window are all made by wood. Many of the houses that we can enter have people inside selling Summer Palace merchandise like key chains, calligraphy, beautiful art picture and accessories like bangles and rings. But not many of us by anything as it were expensive and we can’t bargain the price there. 

The summer palace was so big, and we were amazed by the creativity in architecture shown by the people live thousand years ago. It’s has a very beautiful view no matter from where you see it. The place was a very good choice for those people who want to relax and kill out the stress. But to went there on the Chinese Independence day is a big mistake, as the place were crowded like sardines in a can, and we can barely move freely. There are people taking photograph, playing kites as it is quite windy, and kids running everywhere making the ancient place looks alive and exciting.

 There are also shops located in front of the bridge, selling Chinese merchandise and foods to the tourist there. After 20 minutes of exploring, we found a big house with a lot of photo hanged on the wall. Maybe these are all the people who inhibited this palace. Majority of them were women, old women. The house was crowded with people. A lot of them were Chinese people. Rarely do we see anyone from the western country in this historical place. Earlier, our travel agent said that this place is use by the Emperor to spend his summer time. In China, summer is very hot as the temperature can reach 40 degrees. So, the Emperor will stay at this place where it is windy and have a big lake to cool down the heat.

When the time arrived for us to gather at the entry gate, everyone was rushing because we all are scattered all around that area. It took us almost 15 minutes to gather all the group members before going off. There are several students that are very late, and our lecturer penalizes them for interfering with the program flow. After all of the students were present, we all took a class photo there, and we all went back to our bus for the next destination.

This was some of the photo at Summer Palace for you all to imagine the scenery there in that historical place

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